Tuition & Affordability


我们的机构承诺负担得起,使所有收入水平的个人都有可能参加我们的学校. Gann Academy’s tuition is indexed to family income, and tuition for the 2023-2024 school year ranges from $10,000- $52,950. We are proud to award more than $5.通过四个学费网上十大娱乐网站排名项目每年向学生提供600万美元的资助: Traditional Financial Aid, Within Reach, Pioneer Program, and Professional Partner Program. Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions.


We understand that each family’s financial circumstance is unique, and we look forward to building a strong relationship with your family. Please contact Amy Chandler-Nelson商务运营总监,今天开始了一场全球赌博十大网站财务可及性的对话.

Of Our Students Receive Financial Aid

5.6 million dollars

Awarded in Financial Aid

Tuition Support Programs

Within Reach

The Within Reach program provides straightforward, dependable, 为各个经济阶层的家庭提供有意义的经济网上十大娱乐网站排名. 这个项目是专门为调整后总收入(AGI)在150美元之间的家庭设计的,000 and $600,000 and net assets below $500,000 (excluding primary residence, qualified retirement accounts, and 529 plans), and who pay less than $20,000 in property taxes. 
Within Reach提供可预测的四年学费,根据家庭收入进行调整. 申请过程会考虑一个家庭为就读其他K-12犹太走读学校的兄弟姐妹支付的学费。, therapeutic or special education school(s), and undergraduate higher education institution(s).
For a look into your family’s personal tuition scale, 利用学费计算器包括在触手可及的页面和下面.

Pioneer Program

我们为从公立学校加入网上十大娱乐网站排名的学生提供先锋计划,帮助他们更容易地过渡到私立学校. 许多家庭利用大波士顿地区优秀的公立学校上小学和/或中学, and then find their educational home at Gann for high school. 从公立学校来到网上十大娱乐网站排名的学生对我们网上十大娱乐网站排名社区的活力至关重要. 

任何申请网上十大娱乐网站排名九年级或十年级的学生,至少从六年级开始在公立学校上学,并且没有兄弟姐妹在网上十大娱乐网站排名上过学,都可以申请这个项目. As part of the Pioneer Program: 

  • In ninth grade, Pioneer families will receive a $20,000美元的经济援助奖励(或者欢迎申请另一个学费网上十大娱乐网站排名计划,可能会导致更慷慨的奖励).

  • In tenth grade, Pioneer families will receive a $10,000奖学金(或欢迎申请任何其他学费网上十大娱乐网站排名计划). 

  • 在随后的几年里,欢迎先锋家庭申请任何其他学费网上十大娱乐网站排名计划.

Financial Aid

传统财政援助为希望对个人财务状况进行全面评估的家庭提供财政网上十大娱乐网站排名. 奖金的确定是基于家庭提供的详细收入和资产信息. 委员会评估通过学校和学生服务(SSS)提交的所有申请,以确定家庭的学费评估, and information is kept confidential. 网上十大娱乐网站排名保证,所有符合传统的基于需求的经济援助资格的家庭将获得最低5美元的奖励,000 per child.

Professional Partner Program

我们的犹太社区领袖及其家人的积极参与丰富了网上十大娱乐网站排名社区. 专业伙伴计划适用于父母中至少有一方是全职犹太社区专业人员的家庭. Recipients receive a tuition discount of $10,000 per child per year. 在2023-2024年,专业合作伙伴计划的学生支付42,950美元的学费. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Talk

Amy Chandler-Nelson
Director of Business Operations 781.373.9532


网上十大娱乐网站排名与学校和学生服务(SSS)合作,由全国独立学校协会(NAIS)提供经济援助申请. 目前正在接受网上十大娱乐网站排名经济援助的家庭将在12月通过电子邮件收到经济援助申请说明. The application, which includes a Parent Financial Statement (PFS), must be completed and submitted to SSS by the February 15th deadline.

In general, yes. However, 我们意识到,在某些特殊情况下,父母双方都很难外出工作. Explaining such circumstances on your application is important

No. 如果没有完整的经济援助和入学申请,我们无法确定资格. However, 有资格获得经济援助的家庭可以获得最低5美元的奖励,000.

SSS data security processes are SAS70 certified to ensure safety. SSS采用最新的入侵检测、防火墙、加密级别和安全补丁. For more information, please visit the parent FAQ section on the Solutions By SSS Website.

网上十大娱乐网站排名有四个项目——两个是基于需求的(需要纳税申报表),两个是非基于需求的.  您可以申请任何适用的课程,我们的委员会将为您提供最多学费网上十大娱乐网站排名的单一课程.

Yes. 学校考虑与其他机构在本科阶段的学费承诺. In addition, 学校希望申请网上十大娱乐网站排名助学金的家庭也能申请其他所有收费学校的助学金.

Using the PFS online, 你可以为你所有申请经济援助的孩子输入申请信息. You do not need to complete a separate PFS online for each child.

If you have income from a business, rental property, s-corporation, partnership, or estate/trust, 您必须提交所有纳税表的完整副本以及您的个人所得税申报表,包括以下内容:

Business: Schedule C or C-EZ (Form 1040)
Farm: Schedule F (Form 1040) and Form 4562 Depreciation and Amortization
Rental Property: Schedule E (Form 1040)